Tips to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy hair starts with better hair care. Here are some tips to help prevent damage and properly maintain your hair.


Add Variety to Your Diet

The food you eat have an effect on more than just your waistline. A healthy diet full of the right mixture of protein, vegetables, and Omega fats can aid in the production of keratin, which is the foundation for natural hair growth.


Choose the Right Products

When it comes to proper hair care, all products are not created equal. Chemicals, harsh shampoos, gels and certain sprays can dry out your hair and alter the makeup of each strand, leaving it brittle and damaged. Reduce the use of these products and increase your intake of vitamins and natural oils to bring out your shine.


Style it Right

Twists, cornrows, and tightly pulled styles can put strain on your follicles and cause weakening. Choose styles that are not heavily dependent on pins and clips that can damage the scalp and prevent hair growth. If have to use these accessories, pick hairpins with balled ends and clips with rubber padding.


Supplements that Matter

Biotin, vitamin D, zinc, and iron are great supplements that aid in the promotion of hair growth.Maintaining a normal level of these and other nutrients will go a long way in increasing the quality of your hair, nails, skin and overall health.



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