Fall Hair Fashion Trends 2014

Sometimes pulling off a stunning look has little to do with the amount of effort you put in. Occasionally it just takes one delicate adornment to spruce up everything, and the 2014 fall hair trends have proven this. Head scarves and turbans for women are a key statement to be made all throughout this season. They are brimming with style and personality and they are definitely set to make the strongest impact if allowed to shine all on their own.

Head Scarves This Fall


One great fact about head scarves is that they look great on everyone- of course, when done right. They are incredibly versatile and make for perfect accessories for any outdoor event, depending on the fabric and style you have on. Whether knotted, tied up or tied down, this new fall staple is guaranteed to glam you up. Inspired by runway prints (animal, abstract and floral) and random patterns, head scarves are being seen in more fun colors and designs. A silk scarf headband or tied wrap is an easy way to transform your casual look to chic and sleek in an instant.

Turbans This Fall




Commonly used head wear amongst Indian and Middle-Eastern cultures made of cloth; fashion icons have adapted the look and made it wearable this fall. The versatility of turbans is endless and greatest thing about rocking one is that it can quickly turn a bad hair day into fashion glazed day, adding a bit of pizzazz to your everyday look. Turbans are a cute and different way to spice up a boring outfit to something more blissful!






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