Exercise your Right to be Fashionable

We are living in the age of fashion. Gone are the days where you throw on an over-sized shirt, sweat pants, scuffed-up shoes and hit the gym. Women today have stylish new options. Here is the run-down on the latest trends in fitness fashion.


e837ba0c8a3057d4bbce404b0fe43cfbYoga Pants – Loose and Stylish

Slide into your downward dog with ease in hip and trendy yoga pants. These popular work-out pants have reached beyond the boundaries of the yoga mat, and have become an everyday favorite for women on-the-go. Yoga pants come in many different designs, but the one thing they all have in common is comfort and style.


170304751fc975e130c4040649f3785bShow off Your Curves

You don’t have to wait until you reach your fitness goal to wear sexy clothes. Celebrate your weight loss efforts in form-fitting fitness wear. Leggings and stretchable tees are now designed to complement even the curviest of figures.


fd58586a03ee9f67095b6314450315a4Run with Style

Thanks to the creative innovations of Nike and other shoe manufacturers, ladies can now run with style. Pick up a pair of colorful running shoes to match your fitness wear and turn heads while on the jogging trail.


002a44360c1753529a21747856d1c131Protect Your Hair with Fashion

When it comes to exercising, we seldom think about our hair. It’s practically a given that somewhere between the treadmill and the stair master your fabulous looking ponytail is going to lose its glam. To solve this problem, cover your hair with style. Attach-N-Wrap head scarves come with hair extensions attached so you can protect your hair and still maintain your fashionable appeal. Browse our selection of stylish head scarves and exercise your right to look good and feel great!



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