Founder of Attach-N-Wrap Chemo Headwear Founder, Keshia Ncube

Our Story

The idea for Attach-N-Wrap came to me one night while my husband and I joked about my bedtime head scarf. Like most men, my husband preferred something more appealing. It was then that I had the Aha-moment!

Inspired by our conversation, I invented a product that would allow women to look fashionable at all times.


Attach-N-Wrap is a company that seeks to empower women to embrace their inner beauty and confidence. Our products allow women to look their best everyday with quick and convenient hair fashion solutions. We believe when you look good, you feel good!

About Us

Attach-N-Wrap provides women with affordable and convenient solutions to maintaining their beauty and style. We offer an array of functional hair fashion accessories and beauty products such as: fashion head scarves, chemotherapy head wear, turban wraps, chemo hats, human hair extensions and more!

Our primary product is the revolutionary Attach-N-Wrap hair extensions scarf. This unique product combines detachable hair extensions with fashion scarves, allowing women to create stylish hairstyles within seconds!

Attach-N-Wrap hair fashion products were created for everyday women! Whether you are pressed for time, between hair appointments or experiencing hair loss, We Got You Covered!