7 Steps to Live a Healthier Life in 2015


Taking care of yourself is important, and taking the right steps to live a healthier lifestyle could be especially beneficial to those going through chemotherapy or cancer treatment.

Making positive changes can improve your day to day health, reduce your risk of illness and give you energy you never knew you had.


Focus on overall fitness, rather than weight loss

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or not, your fitness should always be your top priority. By keeping active, you’ll stay in shape naturally and providing you combine your fit lifestyle with a healthy, balanced diet, the pounds will begin to shed.

If you’re new to exercise, start off slowly, with regular thirty minute walks, gradually increasing your distance. The fitter you become, the further you’ll be able to walk in your set time, proving your body is becoming fitter and stronger.

 healthy walking exercise


Combat the cravings

The first step to a healthy diet is learning to curb your cravings. If you’re hankering for a candy bar, take a moment to think about why, as cravings are not always based on hunger and your reasons may be emotional or sensory.

Despite that, the more we restrict ourselves from the foods we love, the worse the cravings become, so once in a while enjoy a treat, free of guilt.


Think positively and drive your passion

Focusing on success and positive thinking can work wonders, especially your targets involve your health and fitness. A negative mind can lead to lacklustre results, so try to see the bright side to every part of your daily life.

If there’s something you’re hoping to achieve this year, remain confident and give it your best shot. Thinking positively can reduce stress, lower your risk of depression and improve motivation.


Eat well

Following the latest fad diets may show results, but many of the advertised regimes do not include all the vital nutrients we need to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Cut back on sugar and sodium, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and enjoy protein and whole grains to create a varied, balanced diet.

 eat well


Learn something new

Learning something new, such as a skill or even a new language, can help keep your brain stimulated, regardless of your age or ability

Keeping your brain active with on-going learning has plenty of health benefits, including the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s later in life.


Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can often leave you grouchy, unfocused and even lead to weight gain. Getting enough sleep can improve your cognitive abilities, protect your cardiovascular health, ensure you’re safe while driving and keep your mood balanced.


Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water will give you energy, improve your focus and even give you better skin. The recommended amount is two liters of water daily – approximately eight glasses, so find a way to incorporate them into your day.

Remember, while soda or energy drinks may be delicious, they won’t hydrate your body the same way as a tall glass of water. If you find it plain, try adding a natural water enhancer for a hint of flavor without the sugar or chemicals.

water stay hydrated



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